Prequalifier task: Please tell us which race you identify as, and what your political leaning is.
Note: this is a preliminary task, we will qualify workers to do a longer HIT in the coming weeks.

Participation restriction: providers/turkers for this task cannot currently be employed by or a student at the University of Washington.

Please tell us your race

Please tell us your political leaning

Background on our research project

At the University of Washington, we're passionate about understanding how potentially toxic or disrespectful language or stereotypes can be used against certain demographics/groups of people (e.g. racism, sexism, etc.). This requires studying the effect of political leaning and race/ethnicity in how people perceive offensiveness and biases, which is why we are collecting this information from you.

Data collection & sharing
We will not ask you for your name, and the data collected in this study will be made unidentifiable to the best of our extent. We will securely store the data on our servers and only share with qualified researchers. If you later decide that you do not want your responses included in this study, please email us so we can exclude your work (Maarten Sap at, or Professor Yejin Choi at
If you have questions about your rights as a research participant, or wish to obtain information, ask questions or discuss any concerns about this study with someone other than the researcher(s), please contact the University of Washington Human Subjects Division at 206-543-0098 (for international calls include the US Calling Code: +1-206-543-0098).

Optional Feedback: Thanks for filling out the questions above! If something about the hit was unclear, please either leave a comment in the box below! We would like to make this HIT easier for future workers, so we really appreciate feedback though it is optional.
If you have concerns or questions, please email us!