Maarten Sap is an assistant professor in Carnegie Mellon University's Language Technologies Department (CMU LTI), and a part-time research scientist at the Allen Institute for AI. His research focuses on making NLP systems socially intelligent, and understanding social inequality and bias in language. He has presented his work in top-tier NLP and AI conferences, receiving paper awards or nominations at EMNLP 2023, ACL 2023, FAccT 2023, WeCNLP 2020, and ACL 2019. His research has been covered in the press, including the New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, Vox, and more.
Before joining CMU, he was a postdoc/young investigator at the Allen Institute for AI (AI2) on project MOSAIC. He received his PhD from the University of Washington's Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering where he was advised by Yejin Choi and Noah Smith.