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Hi there!

I am excited and flattered that you're trying to get in touch with me! And I really wish I could reply to all of y'all's emails, but unfortunately I don't have the capacity to 😓.

I started this FAQ to hopefully answer some of your questions before you even have to email me (and potentially wait a long time on my response). Please read the FAQ, which I promise you will be as up-to-date as I can make it (see the "last updated" date in the bottom right corner).

Note, I will try my best to respond to emails related to diversity equity and inclusion things, including requests for mentorship in some form from people from backgrounds or identities that have been historically underrepresented in the fields of CS, AI, and NLP.

If you still want to email me after reading it,

FAQ: Please do not email me if...'re applying to CMU and want to work with me [updated September 2023]

That's awesome, thank you so much for being interested in my research! To calibrate expectations, my lab is currently quite full, so I'm likely going to take at most one student this cycle, likely to work in the areas of social biases and fairness/ethics/justice in AI/NLP (but nothing is set in stone). I'm particularly interested in students with social science backgrounds (e.g., psychology, anthropology, cognitive science, literature).

Either way, I definitely encourage you to apply to the CMU LTI PhD program and mention my name in your application. See here for applying to LTI. have applied to CMU to work with me [updated Feb 2023]

If you have already applied to LTI and have not yet heard back, thank you so much for doing that! However, please do NOT email me to check on your application or re-iterate your interest. I understand waiting can be stressful, and you will hear back eventually either way; emailing me repeatedly is not going to change decisions, and instead insistence can leave a negative impression.'re a CMU MLT student (or other masters) and want to work with me, either during your masters or for a PhD

Same as above, thank you so much for your interest! If you are considering applying to a CMU PhD, please apply and mention my name; I will consider applications all at the same time to be fair to everyone, and to preserve my own time.

If you are an MLT master student, I am sorry but I am not taking master students for funded RA positions at this time.

If you are in another masters and want to do capstone research or independent research, do email me, although please note that my advising slots are limited. want to intern with me at AI2 [updated Nov 2023]

Thanks so much for your interest! I am only loosely involved in intern recruiting at AI2, so the best option is to apply via official channels , and mention my name.

Please note that I will very likely not be advising more than one intern.'re a student elsewhere and want to work with me for a semester, summer, or year

Again, thank you so much for your interest!

Unfortunately, I'm merely starting out as a professor and do not currently have the bandwidth to advise or mentor, even if you are self-funded, so please do not email me.'re interested in UW and/or working with Yejin Choi or Noah Smith

That's great, but unfortunately I am not at UW anymore, I'm not in charge of Yejin or Noah's groups, nor can I give you the "scoop" on how to maximize your chances to work with either of them. Your best bet is to apply to UW, and check their individual webpages for information on whether and how they want to be contacted: Noah Smith, Yejin Choi.

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